Ten on Tuesday

October 27, 2010 kh76

1.  I made a big decision this past week to eliminate some things on my calendar and I am already feeling a weight lifted.  Although I feel like all the “stuff” I do is “good stuff”, God doesn’t want me so busy.

2.  Our church is doing a series on “The Story” which basically shows you how your life fits into the story of the Bible.  This week the message really hit me about living more like Joseph.  No matter what the circumstance he didn’t complain and had a good attitude in the face of tough situations.  I was convicted that my attitude hasn’t been what it should be about some of the responsiblities on my plate.  In serving we must do so with the right attitude or what we do does not have the same value. 

3.  Crunchy Fall leaves and pumpkin collections on my front porch make me happy.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE Fall??

4.  We have a superhero theme here for Halloween this year.  Hannah is going as Supergirl and Ryan as Spiderman.  Both love their costumes and feel pretty tough with them on…I think you can tell by this pic!

5.  I have to say that the age my kids are at right now is definitely my favorite so far.  Most of the time they are still very sweet and say such innocent things, I just love it. 

6.  Honeycrisp apples and fat free caramel dip is my favorite new snack…sweet, crisp Fall deliciousness 🙂

7.  Friends.  I have some super awesome friends.  I have some big things happening this week and so many people have come alongside me to keep me sane, lend a hand and serve with me.  I am grateful.

8.  5K Runs…I told myself I would have done more by now but this past Saturday I did my second one, this time with Andrew, and although my time wasn’t as good as my first one, the course was very hilly so I am proud of my finish…39:30.  (My first one was “unofficially” about 33 minutes).  Training for these would be MUCH more fun if my running buddy Susie was still here to run alongside me.

9.  Ironically, and contrary to the “healthiness” of my last post, I am not sure why everytime I watch Biggest Loser I want ice cream.  LOL, I mean…is there a subliminal message on this show?

10.  And my silly photo of the day is that of me and Andrew as we headed out to a Halloween party over the weekend.  It was fun to dress up and have an adult evening out with my husband!


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  • 1. Susie  |  October 30, 2010 at 12:13 am

    I haven’t run for five weeks- I think I need a running partner to get back into the swing ‘o things! Have a wonderful Halloween weekend, friend, you all look great in your costumes!

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